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Do picnic packages come with food and beverages?

No, but we offer food add-ons for your convenience. (Please request a food menu when securing your event/ picnic.)

Is alcohol consumption permitted?

Permissibility of alcohol consumption varies with location. Guests must also comply with the legal age requirement for alcohol consumption on Guam.

Should children be included in the guest count?

Yes, children should be counted to better ensure proper accommodations.

Do Picnic Planners Stay Throughout the Picnic?

No, planners leave once the client/ organizer arrives at the start of the scheduled event.

What if I'm running late?

Your event starts as scheduled, but we can allow a 10 minute grace period.

Can I leave my event site earlier than scheduled?

Yes, but we require a 30 minute advance notice to return to the event site to secure the rented items.

Do I need to clean up after my event?

No, planners set up and clean up.

What is the cancellation policy?

We do not offer refunds once payment has been received. In the event of poor weather conditions, you must contact Picture-Perfect Picnics, LLC no less than twelve (12) hours prior to your reservation to reschedule your event or to make alternate arrangements at an indoor location that you've secured.

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